Poli. 100 Notes 6

Poli. 100 Notes 6 - particular conceptions of social...

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The Presidency A paradoxical office Gentle and decent but forceful and decisive Programmatic but pragmatic Innovative and inventive yet majoritarian and responsive Inspirational but realistic President above politics but party leader What it takes to be president (to get elected) is not what is needed to govern What does it take to be a good president? Ability to make critical decisions rationally Ability to negotiate and persuade Knowledge and willingness to work and learn A sense of where the country should be going Respect from congress and bureaucracy Popularity with public Ability to present issues and policy stances to the mass public Barber: Three Distinct political roles Rhetoric: talking/speech making Personal relations: convincing and persuading Homework: learning Style, world view, and character Style The president’s habitual way of performing the three political roles: rhetoric, personal relations, and homework World view The way the president understands the world—politically relevant beliefs,
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Unformatted text preview: particular conceptions of social causality, human nature, and the central moral conflicts of the time Character Way person orients him or herself to lifebasic ego strength Barbers Classification Scheme Active Passive Positive Happy Long hours, 10+ Happy Short Hours, 9 to 5 Negative Burdened Long Hours Burdened Short Hours Active/Positive: F. Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Ford, Carter?, Bush 1, Clinton, Kerry, Obama, McCain, Jefferson Problem solving, works flexibly and rationally, Desireable #1 Active/Negative: Johnson, Nixon, Wilson, Hoover, Gore?, Adams Passive/Positive: Taft, Harding, Reagan, Bush 2, Madison Love seeking, too dependent on advisors, Next to worst #3 Passive/Negative: Eisenhower, Coolidge, Washington Constitutional Roles Chief of State Chief Executive Commander in Chief Chief Diplomat Legislative advisor Veto State of the Union...
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Poli. 100 Notes 6 - particular conceptions of social...

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