Poli. 100 Notes 7

Poli. 100 Notes 7 - Lincoln: Preserved the union T....

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Roles added by Custom and Usage Chief Legislator Economic Manager World Leader Party Leader Foreign Policy Can recognized foreign countries Cannot declare mar, but can make war Can make executive agreements and, with 2/3 consent of the senate, make treaties Domestic Policy: Ultimately Power to Persuade Helps set legislative agenda Real power to veto legislation Party leader provides some leverage Nominally has control of bureaucracy Sets tone for budgetary requests Appoints heads of various agencies Chief Budgeter National opinion leader Emergency powers Appointment powers Legislatively delegated administrative powers Some Agreed Upon Presidents Washington: Stabilized office Jefferson: Expanded to full political system Jackson: Popular Presidency
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Unformatted text preview: Lincoln: Preserved the union T. Roosevelt: Mobilized public opinion, first environmentalist, trust buster Wilson: World leader, mobilized public opinion, power concentrator F. Roosevelt: Government becomes economic manager, world leader , US became #1 The Judiciary Historical Foundation for the Role of Judges in the US Presidential appointment, with ratification by Senate Three types of cases Civil Cases between parties not involved in breaking criminal code. Types are contract cases and tort cases Criminal Cases involve breaking criminal code Public law cases Involve some question of whether or not law applies to a case or how it applies...
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Poli. 100 Notes 7 - Lincoln: Preserved the union T....

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