Day 6- Tuesday Oct 6th

Day 6- Tuesday Oct 6th - LA11 American Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Tuesday, October 6 Tuesday, October 6th Tuesday, October 6 th Today's Objectives Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Twain's Huckleberry Finn. Students will practice using vocabulary in context and demonstrate understanding of the vocabulary as it is used in (or relates to) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Tuesday, October 6 th Today's Agenda Quiz: Chapters 111 I will check journals at this time Vocabulary Practice Oral questions and context clues FiZzLe! Remember... QUIZ ON FRIDAY! FiZzLe! How To Play: The whole class stands in a circle One player starts the round by drawing a vocabulary word card. S/he reads the word aloud. The next player begins the spelling of the word, and turns move around the circle, each person adding a letter. (If you miss a letter and the next person knows it, you are fizzled out!) Once the word is spelled, the next person calls out fizzle. The next person in the line provides the definition of the vocabulary word (If you don't know the definition, and the next person does, you are fizzled out!) After we determine the definition, the next person uses the vocabulary word in a sentence THAT SHOWS THE MEANING. If you can't use the word correctly or your sentence does not demonstrate the meaning, you are fizzled out! Your sentence can relate to your own life, or exhibit your understanding of how the term is relevant to Huck Finn. Tuesday, October 6 Homework for tonight: th Read Huck and Work on Journals (Chapters 1220 due Tuesday) We will listen to the CD in class (starting at chapter 12) during part of block day. Study for vocabulary test (Friday) Tuesday, October 6 On Deck for the rest of the week th Block Read Aloud with CD Huck Activity Friday Vocabulary Quiz Work on Journals ...
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