Example aggravate to anger or provoke my sister and i

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Unformatted text preview: te: to anger or provoke My sister and I find it entertaining to aggravate my father by kicking the back of his seat while he is driving; big, funny-looking vein pops out on his forehead when he gets mad. When you have finished the quiz, staple your homework to it and turn both papers in to your class bin. Vocabulary Words: Quiz #2 Linoleum Fiend Conscientious Incognito Burlesque Psychic Brassy Verification Snub Rile Frock Atheist Rubberneck Bourgeois Convent The 6 (+1) Traits of Writing Ideas: a clear point, message, theme, or story line, backed by important and carefully chosen details and supportive information. Organization: How a piec...
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