The Gendered Dimensions of Colonization

The Gendered Dimensions of Colonization - The Gendered...

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The Gendered Dimensions of Colonization I. Orientation: Colonization and Gender a. Important to recognize interconnections between cultural, economic, and political realms. Gender roles must be considered as a factor in defining these realms as well. b. Africans actively appropriated Western cultural forms and used them for self-empowerment and eventually political critique. Such processes were determined in part by gender. i. Men and women participated differently. c. Overall, gender must be understood as historically shaped, not biologically determined. i. Gender roles changed from traditional to modern II. Questions a. How did experience differ for men and women? b. To what extent did such initiatives reinforce pre-existing gender roles? c. How did European colonization seek to make modern African men and women? III.Thinking about Gender a. Gender roles as culturally and historically defined i. Biologically determined vs. not biologically determined 1. Gendered roles: wife, mother, daughter, husband, son, brother, etc. 2. Social reproduction through biological reproduction ii. Beyond categories: ideas and practices of care, responsibility, and authority 1. May be expanded or transferred in absence or death of others
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b. European and African contrasts i. Western belief in rights of the individual 1. Empowerment from Enlightenment 2. Cape liberal tradition 3. Men and women alike ii. ‘Modern’ notion of nuclear family
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The Gendered Dimensions of Colonization - The Gendered...

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