World War II and the Re

World War II and the Re - World War II and the Re-Birth of...

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World War II and the Re-Birth of Activism I. Orientation a. The birth of modern nationalism during the interwar period was due to a number of factors in the political, economic, and cultural realms. b. Nationalism was not an obvious or easy strategy given ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity, as well as the arbitrary boundaries of most colonies. c. Nationalism as a consequence of colonial limitations and failure. d. Nationalism as reform minded. e. The complexity of nationalism in South Africa: the existence of competition between forms of white and black nationalism. The Interwar Period Colonial states had static conception of African societies o 1920’s saw attitudes shifting towards preserving that order Africans embraced notions of citizenship o Demands representation in colonial councils o Benefits from military service o Demanded reform African agricultural producers became increasingly powerful o Integration into world market became more complete Occurred with Force Publique More market oriented as well: African markets increasing taxes, structuring prices o Difficult for colonial states to control African peasants sought to produce more Price control difficult Producers wanted more money for modern goods, schooling Africans did not want the middleman
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o Increased resentment towards white farmers White’s got best land and state protection
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World War II and the Re - World War II and the Re-Birth of...

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