Africa and the Cold War

Africa and the Cold War - Africa and the Cold War I....

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Africa and the Cold War I. Orientation a. African nation-states sovereignty must be placed in the context of the Cold War b. The early postcolonial period must be understood as a time when African nation- states were seeking political and economic autonomy from the West c. Many post-colonial countries continued to have relations with former colonial powers, often as a disadvantage d. The 1960’s and 190’s must therefore be understood as time of continuity and change between the colonial and postcolonial periods. e. In sum, the Cold War-i.e., the political competition between the US and Soviet Union from 1945 to 1989-impacted Africa in complex ways. II. Questions a. To what extent did this outside intervention constitute neo-colonialism? b. How did African nation states benefit from the Cold War? c. How did African nation states suffer due to the war? d. What did US and USSR have at stake in Sub-Saharan Africa? III. Africa and the Question of Economic Models: The Case of Capitalism a. Capitalism: oriented around notions of private property (businesses, land) with little state intervention i. Laissez-Faire perspective: market supply and demand will control and stabilize economy, without state intervention or regulation ii. In practice, states have always intervened through taxes, tariffs, law b. Capitalism associated with West i. Colonial state regulation: free market as such never existed c. Issue of economic decolonization i. African nation-states sought outside investment, but control over economy ii. West wanted continuity with the past: supply of raw materials, access to African markets iii. Tension between African and Western capitalist interests
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Summary: Capitalist model for development presented a sense of continuity with the past. IV. Global Capitalism in Practice
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Africa and the Cold War - Africa and the Cold War I....

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