Anticolonial activism dring and after wwII

Anticolonial activism dring and after wwII - Anti-Colonial...

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Anti-Colonial Activism During/After the Second World War I. Orientation a. Two patterns to decolonization: negotiation and violence b. Patterns dependent on presence of white settler communities i. Anti-colonial struggles in settler colonies were more violent c. Independence was either cathartic (violently expelling European rule) or carefully managed (ties with Europe continued) i. Theme of continuity and change emerges II. Questions a. What strategies were employed by colonial powers and anti-colonial movements? b. Were there other options between poles of violence and management? I. Kenya and Mau Mau Revolt a. 1952-1960 b. Kikuyu-based i. Had ethnic quality ii. Primarily in Central Kenya c. Conflict over land in Central Highlands i. Best land reserved for whites ii. 1.25 million Kikuyu had 2000 square miles of land; 30,000 settlers had 12,000 square miles 1. Imbalance among land distribution iii. 120,000 Kikuyu farm workers and land tenants d. 1938-1946: increased demand for labor due to war effort e. Kikuyu Central Association i. Planned campaign of disobedience
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f. Kenya African Union i. Once loyalist, took a pro-independence stance ii. Under Jomo Kenyatta g. 1952-1960: State of Emergency i. 8000 arrested ii. 1954: 77,000 in detention camps iii. 1954: Re-villagization of about 1 million into 854 villages iv. Dead: 11,503 1. Recent Figures: 20,000-70,000 2. Over 1,000 hanged h. Independence in 1963 Summary: Local grievances over land and labor spurred national movement. II. Between Decolonization and Apartheid: The Case of British Central Africa
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Anticolonial activism dring and after wwII - Anti-Colonial...

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