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MUSC 142 Notes

MUSC 142 Notes - Colloquial • 12 Rec-very outward details...

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I prefer this way because it makes the opera both more colloquial and personal Personal 12 Gypsy Song-Carmen describing the gypsies; as if she is talking to you 14 Couplet-Escamillo is singing to the crowd, very poetic, flows very well, minor shifts 15 Quintet-between smugglers and gypsy girls, very fast and rhyming, gypsy girls and Carmen reaction to the smugglers, antiphony
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Unformatted text preview: Colloquial • 12 Rec-very outward, details Carmen discovering Jose was released; you feel within the action • 13-Zuniga has carlando style, sounds very real when he is talking to Escamillo • 14 Rec-Escamillo and Carmen are talking, very conversation-like, parlando style, no distinct melody • 15 Rec-smugglers trying to figure out who it is Carmen loves this time...
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