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Life has so many obstacles that come in my path whether it is as little as struggling to wake up for a morning class or as difficult as acing thirty units of classes during summer sessions at a school scheduled in a quarter system. To overcome all the obstacles helps me to not give up in reaching my life's purpose of becoming an English teacher. Struggling to learn Spanish helped me realize how difficult it was for ‘English as a Second Language’ students to learn English. My high school teacher who believed that I could learn the language helped me open my eyes to the rewards of being a teacher; seeing others succeed. It is a life changing knowledge that helped me with my social skills and made me realize that I have a passion for helping others through teaching, which are worth more than an A. Just like how I learned “si se puede” I want to teach others “yes we can” because “A good
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Unformatted text preview: teacher is like a candle- it consumes itself to light the way for others.” My goal is to get a Master’s Degree and become an English teacher in California but to travel around the world during the summers, teaching English to students and changing lives, one country at a time. Every day I challenge myself to study harder, to finish everything on my "to do" list without procrastination, and to get back up when something knocks me down. To want to become a teacher made me value education. To me, to be productive means to be successful; to accomplish all the short term and long term goals and yet be able to enjoy myself because I do not know if there is a tomorrow. To be productive means to have a balance of preparing for the future but to also enjoy today. It means to be able to look back at everything I have accomplished and to have a sense of pride....
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