black studies assignment 2

black studies assignment 2 - Assignment Two Othello is an...

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Assignment Two Othello is an outsider in Venice but his skill as a soldier and leader allowed him to escalate to a high position in the military; putting him in full martial and political command of Cyprus. To the state, he is an important part of the Venetian society as a military figure, but as an individual, society considered him inferior due to the color of his skin. With this, Iago manipulates Othello and makes him believe that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio. Othello, who was a man of self-control and a sense of worth, changes when Iago makes him think that Desdemona’s openness and honesty is a lie and her purity from sexual relations is inevitably brought into question. Othello’s jealousy gets to the best of him and he begins to degrade himself because of his blackness. Shakespeare made Othello a positive character through his status but he ultimately destroys himself and experiences racism. Brabantio, the Venetian senator and the father of Desdemona, had difficulty accepting the fact that his daughter loved and married Othello especially because she rejected all the fine men in Venice, “If she in chains of magic were not bound, Whether a maid so tender, fair, and happy, So opposite to marriage that she shunned The wealthy, cured darlings of our nation (Shakespeare 1998, 13) and therefore accuses him of witchcraft, “She is abused, stol’n from me, and corrupted By spells and medicines bought of mountebanks; For nature so prepost’rously to err, Being not
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black studies assignment 2 - Assignment Two Othello is an...

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