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1 Reactors and Fluid Dynamics From mines to metals Mining – open-cast or underground Concentrating – milling, flotation Pyrometallurgy – drying, roasting, smelting, converting, condensing, granulation, atomizing Hydrometallurgy – base-metals refining, precious-metals refining Marketing and sales Pyrometallurgical processes Pyrometallurgy involves high temperatures and the application of energy to materials Are complex processes involving gas, solids, slag, and metal (and sometimes other phases as well, such as matte, speiss, bullion, doré, dross, etc.) • Thermodynamics – Collection of useful mathematical quantities that are measurable – Principle of energy conservation – Principle of increasing entropy Kinetics – favoured (fast) at high temperature Natural state of iron? Process examples Gas-solid reactions Gas-liquid-liquid reactions Phase separation (immiscible & different density) • Reduction MeO + C = Me + CO • Oxidation Me + ½ O 2 = MeO • Converting FeS + O 2 = FeO + SO 2 How do you choose the type of reactor? Purpose of the reactor The main purpose of a pyrometallurgical reactor is to bring the reacting materials together under conditions where the chemical equations are favourable, to supply (or remove) the necessary energy, and finally to allow a separation of the product phases
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