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sports summer 2011 - SPORTS ECONOMICS Economics 330 Summer...

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SPORTS ECONOMICS Economics 330 Summer 2011 Instructor : Amber Brown Downtown Office: 424C DeVos Hall Phone: 331-7417 Email: Office hours : Monday and Wednesday 5:00 – 6:00 or by appointment Textbook : There is no textbook for this class. Instead, there is a detailed reading list posted on Blackboard. The majority of readings are on eReserve at the library, while others may be handed out in class or accessed through a website. Please check this list frequently for any updates. It is important to complete the required readings for a full understanding of the topics covered. Quizzes will include questions from the readings even if they were not discussed in class. Objectives and Description: The objective of this course is to apply economic concepts to the sports industry. To do well, you must demonstrate an ability to probe issues systematically using economic reasoning and relate economic principles to league structure, team decision making, labor relations, incentive structures and stadium financing. A knowledge of player statistics, past champions and rules of the games is not necessary to do well in the class. However, if you have never picked up a sports page, turned on ESPN or listened to sports radio and have no interest in sports, this is not the appropriate class for you. The majority of examples used in this class will center on the four main sports, MLB, NFL, NHL & NBA, though we will cover other sports as time permits. Classes will consist of lectures, in-class group work and discussions. You are responsible for knowing lecture material whether you attend class or not. If you should miss class, you will need to find the material from a classmate. Participation is encouraged, as it makes for a much more enjoyable class. Example of the topics discussed will include: Why do professional athletes make so much money? Are they worth it? Do salary caps and revenue sharing increase competitive balance? Should cities subsidize the building of new arenas and stadiums?
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sports summer 2011 - SPORTS ECONOMICS Economics 330 Summer...

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