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Unformatted text preview: Portfolio Assignment #1 The "First Law of Geography" at work Three steps: First, each student writes down an example that you think best illustrates the "First Law of Geography" at work (your example will go to your portfolio your portfolio). 5- students Second, work in groups of 5-6 students. Share your examples. Each group then comes up with one example. example Prepare to explain why why. Third, each group presents its example to class. The whole class will then select two best examples Gold medal winner group = 5 extra points Silver medal winner group = 3 extra points 1 Portfolio assignment #1: "First Law of Geography" at work How to assess? You don't need to assess the example of your own group of course group, course. Each group allocates a total of 100 points to all other groups (e.g. group x = 20 points, group y = 40 points, group z = 5 points, etc.) We will then rank the groups based on the total points each group gets, & determine the two winners winners. 2 1 ...
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