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Portfolio assignment #2 1 1 Use the World Political map in your atlas (pp.18-19) & Map 1.1 in your Mapping Workbook 1) Draw the Equator , Tropic of Cancer , & Tropic of Capricorn . 2) Label all (mainland) countries ( don’t worry about islands ) through which runs the equator, Tropic of Cancer, & Tropic of Capricorn. Portfolio assignment #2 (part 1) Locating the Equator, Tropic of Cancer, & Tropic of Capricorn Equatorial/tropical: 23.5 0 N - 23.5 0 S Subtropical: 23.5 0
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Unformatted text preview: -35 N Midlatitude: 35- 55 N Subarctic : 55- 66.5 N Arctic: 66.5- N±Pole Subtropical: 23.5-35 S Midlatitude: 35- 55 S Subantarctic : 55- 66.5 S Antarctic: 66.5- N±Pole Place Latitudinal zone Grand Rapids Singapore Miami Iraq Anchorage Sri Lanka Costa Rico Tokyo (part 2) Identifying the latitudinal zone of the places listed in the table below...
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