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Portfolio Assignment #4 1 1 This assignment consists of five (5) parts : 1) Use the bar chart “Comparative Land Areas” in your atlas ( pp.18-19 ), & . 2) Use the World Population Data Sheet at the back of your mapping workbook & complete table 3 . 3) Color label the ten largest countries by physical size on a world map. 4) Based on the two satellite images provided, answer the four questions on that slide. 5) Mapping types of plate boundaries Portfolio assignment #4 Getting to know earth’s surface 2 Table 1: Ranking continents by physical size
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Portfolio Assignment #4 2 3 Table 2: World’s 10 largest countries by physical size 4 Table 3: World’s 10 largest countries by population
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Unformatted text preview: Portfolio Assignment #4 3 5 1) Which is the southern hemisphere ? 2) Identify all the continents shown in the two images. 3) Determine the latitudes of the parallels shown in the images. 4) What patterns do you see ? 6 • Use the World Plate Tectonics map in your atlas ( pp.22-23 ) & a blank world map in your mapping workbook (map 1.1) , do the following: • Using proper symbols (you can use the same symbols as those used in the atlas), draw 1) divergent , 2) convergent , & 3) transform plate boundaries around the globe. • Your map should include a legend to show the symbols used. Mapping types of plate boundaries...
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Portfolio_assignment_4_tectonics_landforms1 [Compatibility Mode]

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