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1 World Regional Geography GPY 235, Section 03 Spring 2011 Instructor: Dr. Gang Xu Office hours: or by appointment Office: B4-206 Mackinac Hall Email: Phone: (616) 331-3068 Class meets: TR 12:00-3:20 PM Classroom: Mackinac Hall B1-114 Credits: 3 Course Website: General Education : This course fulfills the GVSU General Education Foundations (Social and Behavioral Sciences) and World Perspectives requirements. Course Content & Objectives This course provides a survey of the world’s major regions focusing on the global interconnections as well as diversity among peoples and places around the globe. We will examine the distinctive geographic features of each world region, its changing roles in the global system, and the major environmental and societal problems its people are facing. The format for class time will consist of lectures, videos, discussions, and in-class exercises. Overall this is a perspective-broadening course. The course is designed to help you to become a more informed and competent member of the increasingly globalized community. Along the way, you will acquire a basic understanding of the geographic way of analyzing and understanding the world. It is also my hope to show you how peoples and places in different parts of the world are tied together in ways that you might not have been aware of before. Required Course Material: (1) World Regions in Global Context: Peoples, Places, and Environments 4 th edition 2011, by Marston, S. A., Knox, P. L., Liverman, D. M., Del Casino, V., & Robbins, P. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. ISBN: 978-0-321-65185-3 (2) 4 th edition by V. J. Del Casino, Jr. ISBN: 978-0321-667755 and (3) Goode’s World Atlas 22 nd edition by Rand McNally. ISBN: 978-0-321-65200-3. Course Requirements & Grading Overall you are expected to read the assigned chapter(s) before class, attend every class, pay attention in class, take notes, and actively participate in all class activities. If you are absent you may miss important course material or announcements. All students are responsible for all course information and announcements whether or not they were present. Please bring your atlas, mapping workbook, and textbook to class. For portfolio assignments and in-class exercises, you will need at least five different color pencils and a (simple) calculator. During this course you will be assessed via a portfolio project, an essay assignment, and three exams (see the table below).
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2 (1) Portfolio 200 points Continuous (2) Essay 60 points Due Tuesday, May 31 (3) Exam #1 60 points Exam date to be announced in class (4) Exam #2 60 points Exam date to be announced in class (5) Exam #3 (final) 120 points Tuesday, June 21, 12:00-1:50 PM in Mackinac Hall B1-114 Total points possible 500 points (1) Course Portfolio (200 points) I believe in active learning . As such, I will provide a variety of hands-on activities in and outside the
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syllabus_235_11_spring - World Regional Geography GPY 235,...

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