4 other smoothed spectral estimators instead of

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Unformatted text preview: ral estimators Instead of computing an unweighted average of the periodogram at all nearby frequencies, it is common to consider other weighted averages, typically with a smoother weighting function. Consider the weighted average ^ f () = |j|Ln Wn (j)I(^(n) - j/n), where the bandwidth Ln is allowed to vary with n, and Wn is called the spectral window function. 5 Other smoothed spectral estimators For example, if Wn (j) = 1 0 L if |j| < L/2, otherwise, then we have the smoothed spectral estimator we consider earlier, ^ f () = j Wn (j)I(^(n) - j/n) I(^(n) - j/n). 1 = L |j|<L/2 This is Daniel...
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