BIS101ScheduleSpring2011 - Biological Sciences 101(Section...

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Biological Sciences 101, (Section 003) Spring Quarter 2011 Genes and Gene Expression (CRN 25049) R.L. Rodriguez, Instructor Mon. - Wed. 10:00-11:50, Kleiber Hall Text: Introduction to Genetic Analysis, Griffith et al.,Tenth Edition Dates Lecture Topic Reading Assignments Mon Mar 28 Mendel’s Principles: Meiosis and the New Biology Ch.1, Ch.2 Wed Mar 30 Mendel’s Law and chromosome behavior Ch.3 Mon April 4 X-Linkage, Dominance, 1 Gene/1Enzyme Hypothesis Ch.3, Ch.6 Wed April 6 Co-Dominance, Linkage, Recombination Mapping Ch.4 Mon April 11 Gene Mapping: 2 and 3 Factor Crosses Ch.5 Wed April 13 DNA Structure and Synthesis Ch.7, Ch.12.3 Mon April 18 Midterm I Wed April 20 DNA Replication, Telomeres and PCR Ch.7 Mon April 25 Transcription: Promoter Structure and Function Ch.8 Wed April 27 Eukaryotic Transcription: mRNA Processing Ch.8 Mon May 2 RNA interference (RNAi) Ch.8 Wed May 4 Translation: Initiation, Elongation, Termination Mon May 9 A Survey of Current Molecular Technologies Ch.10 Wed May 11 Midterm II Mon May 16 Molecular Mechanisms of Mutation and Suppressors Ch. 16 Wed May 18 Ames test; Bacterial Genetics; Cis/Trans Test Ch.5 Mon May 23 Bacterial Genetics; Cis/Trans Test Ch.5 Wed May 25 Prokaryotic Gene Regulation: Lac Operon Ch.11 Mon May 30 Holiday Wed June 3 Eukaryotic Gene Regulation and Cancer Ch.12. Ch.18 Wed. June 8: Review Session; 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, location TBA
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BIS101ScheduleSpring2011 - Biological Sciences 101(Section...

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