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118B_Intro - appointment call 752-2013 and ask the...

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General Assistance in Chemistry 118B Jim Hollister Workshop #74, MW, 3:10-4:00 PM Learning Skills Center Workshop #75, MW, 4:10-5:00 PM 2256 Dutton 752-2013 [email protected] Web Page: http://lsc.ucdavis.edu/~holliste/Jim118B/118B.htm OR, type: http://lsc.ucdavis.edu In the top menu, move the pointer to Chemistry/Biology Near the top of the page (just above it the title Chemistry and Biology Assistance ), hit the link titled Chemistry Specialists' Website and scroll to and click on General Assistance in Chemistry 118B Save this last address in your favorites or bookmarks, so you don’t have to repeatedly type it in the future. Note : Posting of handouts & announcements to the Chem 118B Workshop web pages may be delayed. Office Hours (Drop-In) will be held in 123 South Hall: Monday through Friday, 11:00- 11:50 AM. Appointments : Twenty-five minute individual appointments can be made at 9:00 and 9:30 AM on Tuesday and Thursday; at 10;00 and 10:30 AM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, all in my 2256 Dutton office. A few other times are sometimes available. To schedule an
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Unformatted text preview: appointment, call 752-2013 and ask the receptionist to schedule you. Rolf Unterleitner is also available if you cannot make my hours. Workshop Format: 1. Review principles and in general keep pace of course professor. 2. Practice on sample test problems. 3. Answer questions about text, homework, or lecture. Recommended Approach for Studying Chemistry: 1. Read the summary, THE BIG PICTURE , at end of the chapter. 2. Read Introduction to each chapter in the Study Guide . 3. Read chapter and at least do pertinent mid-chapter exercises related to end of chapter problems. (These may have been assigned.) Note section summaries, IN SUMMARY, at end of each section of the chapters. 4. Do the assigned problems. 5. Make flashcards (as close as possible to the time that the material was presented in lecture). PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES, WATCH ALARMS, HEADSETS, ETC, BEFORE YOU ENTER THE CLASSROOOM....
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