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Qatar University College of Engineering Department of Computer Science and Engineering Course: CMPS 323 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Instructor: Khaled Bashir Shaban Assignment #4 Due Date: Saturday, May 14 th , 2011 Important Note: assignments are to be solved individually. It is expected that you may discuss the problems with your classmates, however you should not discuss the solutions nor write up solutions together. In addition, insightful discussions with others must be cited in your solution. If you have any uncertainty about what this means, ask the
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Unformatted text preview: instructor! 1. Answer the following exercises from the different chapters in the course textbook: a. Exercises 16 of chapter 2. b. Exercises 5 of chapter 3. c. Exercises 2 of chapter 4. d. Exercises 16, and 30 of chapter 5. e. Exercises 4 of chapter 9. 2. (Bonus question) a. Implement the following algorithms (discussed in class) and study their performance using different problem instances: -Quicksort -Floyd’s Algorithm For Shortest paths -Backtracking Algorithm for the n-Queens Problem...
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