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Fair is Fair 2 - To From Date Dr April Franklin Janbolat...

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To: Dr. April Franklin From: Janbolat Myedyeukhan Date: May 2nd, 2011 Subject: “Fair is Fair,” Isn’t It? Problem: Laura disregard the employee enrolling program by taking the course during her working hours at the same time Dr. Fredrick involved in problem because of allowing Laura to take courses. Because of these Laura might lose her current job. Background: Dr. Fredrick has been working as a dean for four years in Southmont State University. Laura is the senior employee in dean’s office and she has working for 10 years at this college. She has a good reputation amongst employees. Laura has been taking courses while working full-time to complete her undergraduate degree in Business Administration. The degree program that Laura have followed is going to expire this summer, therefore, she wanted to complete her last two courses before school implement the new degree program. But, there were school regulations for employees whose taking classes while working full time. Despite, she knew about the school
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