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Community Relations COMR-1 Sno-Jet Industries Sno-Jet Industries has been a manufacturer of snow making equipment, groomers and plows for more than 30 years. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company also used to produce snowmobiles at a plant in Ely, Minnesota. Economic trouble in the 1980s forced Sno-Jet to eliminate snowmobiles from its product line, and the Ely plant was sold and shut down in 1984, putting nearly 250 employees out of work. The closing struck a severe blow to Ely’s business community, and the town has missed out on the recent economic revival. Now, Sno-Jet has decided to move back into snowmobile production, and the old Ely plant remains vacant and would be a good location for an assembly facility. Sno-Jet intends to re-purchase the plant, but needs tax breaks from state and town government in order to off-set re-tooling and start-up costs. It would almost be as cost-effective to build a new facility in Mexico even though transportation costs would be higher. Many Ely residents, especially those who remember the original plant’s closing, are incensed that Sno- Jet would ask for a tax credit and fear that the company will hurt the town again. As Sno-Jet’s chief of public relations, use the RACE method to build public support for the company’s
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CAP_320_BB_Community_Relations_Cases_sp10 - Community...

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