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Consumer Relations CONR-1 Dellamonte Kitchen Company The Dellamonte Kitchen Company is a small kitchenware manufacturer whose product line consists of high-end tools used for making Italian food: ricers, pasta makers, and the like. The company’s products have become more and more popular among gourmet cooks after several write-ups in food and cooking magazines, leading Dellamonte to expand its product line over the last several months. One of the new items is the Dellamonte “Chef's Best Nonstick Pizza Stone,” which has been a best seller in the six weeks since its introduction. Recently, dozens of consumers have reported that the stones explode in the oven when used to re-warm partly eaten pizzas. There were no serious injuries or deaths. Initial engineering tests show it is a result of a manufacturing defect. Dellamonte has issued a recall of the pizza stones, but not before a major television network’s news magazine show included a segment on “perilous pizzas.” As the company’s public relations representative, use the RACE method to spread news of the pizza stone recall while reassuring consumers that other Dellamonte products are safe.
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CAP_320_BB_Consumer_Relations_Cases_f10 - Consumer...

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