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Emergency Public Relations EPR- 1 Scarecrow Island Ferry Service The Scarecrow Island Ferry Service is a private corporation that uses two paddle boats to transport people and bicycles from the Michigan mainland back and forth to the Scarecrow Island. The Island is home to a Cedar Point like amusement park and zoo. This is a favorite destination for K-12 class trips. The ferry is the only way, (other then a few private boat slips available for daily rental) to get to the island. The two 110 year-old paddle boats take 1.5 hours to cross the water each way carrying up to 576 passengers and 45 crew. Onboard riders have 4 levels of ship to wander. These contain a food court as well as 2 bars, shuffleboard courts, arcade, and a dance floor with a live band. Due to the poor economy of the state, the boats are beginning to show their age and in cost-cutting measure some maintenance was put off for the end of the season. However, with only 3 weeks left in the season, one of the two boats ran aground during a storm on the great lake. One person died when tossed over board and could not swim. Another 13 were hospitalized with injuries. One crew member broke her leg as well. Using the RACE method, devise a plan to minimize damage to the Scarecrow Island Ferry Service’s
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CAP_320_BB_Emergency_PR_Cases_f10 - Emergency Public...

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