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Employee Relations ER-1 Pet Pals Pet Pals has made high quality dog toys, food, treats, and pet clothing for 25 years. The founder, Timmy Lass, was quite a dog fancier and believed pets of all kinds add quality and love to peoples’ lives. As one of his employee appreciation and morale programs employees accrue points. Points can be cashed in for a variety of the company’s pet products. Management sees the value in encouraging employees to use the products they produce. Sometimes, when new items debut, employees are told to take a sample or two and give them to friends in the hopes word-of-mouth and the resultant ‘buzz’ will help promote a product or line extension. However, as of late more products are missing than normal. Whole shipping containers have gone missing. Upon further study of the shipping and manufacturing records the president asks you to hire private detectives. You and President Lass are the only ones who know this. Your detective reports that there is an organized ring involving 30 or so of your 350 employees. An internal employee or employees, not yet identified, deal with outside persons who are wholesaling the goods to local third parties who sell them at flea markets and liquidation stores. Knowing this must be dealt with now that you have evidence you call a meeting with President Lass, the director of human resources, and the company lawyer discuss what to do next. The HR person wants this handled internally and quietly, the lawyer wants to handle it with the police. President Lass worried this will lead
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CAP_320_BB_Employee_Relations_Cases_f10 - Employee...

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