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Unformatted text preview: Investor Relations IR-1 Problem Genetech, Inc. Genetech, Inc. is a small biomedical research firm located in Southern California. Specializing in genetic engineering, the firm has participated heavily in the Human Genome project and has built a reputation for pioneering work in the field. For example, scientists in the company have successfully isolated the genetic pointers for Parkinsons Disease. Stock values have increased steadily over the years, with sharp upswings every time the public has heard about some new breakthrough in the field. Now, however, Genetech faces a serious threat. Public sentiment towards genetic engineering has turned skeptical, and firms in the field have been forced to face serious questions about the safety, ethics and efficacy of their work. One local anti-stem cell research zealot has claimed Genetech is working with abortion clinics to obtain fetuses for company research. Even though groundless, the claim has planted more seeds of doubt in potential investors. Some politicians have even threatened legislation to outlaw more seeds of doubt in potential investors....
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CAP_320_BB_Investor _and_Financial_Relations_Cases_f10 -...

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