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Member Relations MBR-1 Happy Traveler Auto Club With offices located around the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the Happy Traveler Auto Club has been in existence for several years. Club membership provides trip planning and special member discounts on hotels and tourist attractions. Its most popular benefit, though, is that of emergency roadside service. As of late, numerous complaints have been flooding the Happy Traveler Auto Club Member Relations office about the excessive waiting time required for this service. Membership literature promises service within one and one half hours, but reports of three to four hour waits are not uncommon. One-third of Happy Traveler's members have left because of their dissatisfaction with Happy Traveler services. As the PR director of the Happy Traveler Auto Club, what can you do to improve member relations and restore confidence and trust in your services. Using the RACE model, design an effective member relations campaign for the Happy Traveler Auto Club. MBR-2 Sportsmen’s League of the Carolinas The Sportsmen’s League of the Carolinas, headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., has for 50 years brought together hunters, anglers and other outdoors people to discuss and promote the conservation of North
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CAP_320_BB_Member_Relations_Cases_f10 - Member Relations...

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