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Special Publics SPR-1 The Hispanic Market Recognizing the demographic shift in its population the city of Larado, TX sought to cultivate a new kind of market. The Latino Marketplace would rise from a newly closed warehouse in a section of the city that is now populated primarily with Hispanic families. The majority of the market would be rented to people who wish to sell ingredients for Hispanic foods or items that support Hispanic heritage. These are not readily available in the city as of now. Part of the market will also house various nonprofit agencies that offer programs to support the Hispanic community such as English as second language classes and job search/resume workshops. In order for this to be a success the local government wants to involve opinion leaders in the Hispanic community. An invitation to attend a key planning meeting was sent to the target audience that was full of color and included graphics of a man riding a burro as well as brightly clothed women dancing a flamenco dance (this dance is part of Spanish culture that some Hispanic groups do not have any association with). Foods depicted on the invitation included tacos and a bottle of tequila. In addition, the color of the invitation was a shade that was synonymous with death.
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