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Unformatted text preview: CAP 320 Writing Individual Public Relations Library Case Studies This will be a 10+ ( APA formatted ) page paper. The following describes both the process of researching and the outline for writing your case study. This case study will be a suitable PR proposal/plan for your portfolio. Remember, you are taking a current, real issue and making recommendations to persons on a management level. Use the modified RACE/ROPE process shown below as your outline format. You may add appendices with creative examples or article samples if you desire. Final papers need to be written using APA style and citations. Section and subsection headings are those listed below, 1-4. 1. a. RESEARCH--Do the research, both secondary and primary. Find articles about a company or organization that is experiencing or has experienced a public relations problem or opportunity. Go beyond a single article and source of information. If the PR situation is part of a larger issue, research that beyond a single article and source of information....
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This note was uploaded on 05/16/2011 for the course CAP 321 taught by Professor Professorwalz during the Spring '11 term at Grand Valley State.

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CAP_320_instructions_INDIVIDUAL_studies_w10 - CAP 320...

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