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CAP 320 TEAM Case Presentation Grading Sheet by the Professor  Team #:____  Names: ____________________________________________________ Case name and type: ______________________________________________________ Assignment Details – Team Criteria for Excellence: Depth of thought and case review evident regarding PR as a strategic management function Showed understanding of organization’s actions and gave opinions of those actions – positive or  negative – based on PR principles. Most relevant case information shared with the class Employed key points from the text and lectures into the presentation 1 2 3 4 5 Poor - Below Fair/met Good/exceeds Excellent Expectations Expectations Expectations Oral Presentation Details Criteria for Excellence: Evidence of rehearsal – no ‘winging’ it Time used wisely in presentation – kept schedule within accepted range Knowledge and command of the subject – little or no reading
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This note was uploaded on 05/16/2011 for the course CAP 321 taught by Professor Professorwalz during the Spring '11 term at Grand Valley State.

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CAP_320_PROF_Team_Presentation_Grading_Sheet_w10a - CAP 320...

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