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CAP 320 Team Member Evaluation Your name_____________________________________________________________ Your group’s presentation case name Participation is a part of each student’s grade in this class. To ensure that all contributed equally on the group presentations of cases, please rate the quality of participation of your team members on a scale of 1-5. Please place any relevant comments at the bottom or in the right margin. This is for my eyes only. Rating Scale 5 = ‘A’ The star team member with full participation who attended all group meetings, and always exceeded deadlines and expectations. You would jump at the opportunity to work with them again. 4 = ‘B’ student who met deadlines, occasionally exceeded expectations but always did their fair share of the work. You would want to work with this person again.
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Unformatted text preview: • 3 = ‘C’ student – Did what they had to do but did not “wow” you in any way. Did the minimum amount of work and made most deadlines. You are lukewarm about working with them on a team project again. • 2 = ‘D’ student – Missed many deadlines, did not do good quality work and you weren’t sure that they could be counted upon to do what they said they would. You have no desire to work with them again. • 1 = Failure. Gave minimal participation (if at all) - did not contribute or was missing in action, poor quality work (if any) and no follow though. Made you very nervous to have to depend on him/her. You would refuse to work with this student again. Name Overall rating (1-5) % of wk by him/her Comments 5d65aedb120e6a0239a4daf3d04f3d2566951710.doc...
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  • Spring '11
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