Kite Runner Vocabulary1

Kite Runner Vocabulary1 - Atone (v.) To make amends for...

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Kite Runner Vocabulary #1 Reputable (adj.) – Honorable, respectable Periphery (n.) - The boundary or edge Unkempt (adj.) – Uncared for or neglected Valiant (adj.) - Brave and boldly courageous Feigned (adj.) - Faked Austere (adj.) - Severe in manner or appearance, strict Blunder (n.) - To make a serious mistake Melee (n.) - A confused fight among several people Guile (n.) – Crafty or artful Trepidation (n.) – Extreme caution due to fear
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Unformatted text preview: Atone (v.) To make amends for wrongdoing Gales (n.) forceful winds Chasm (n.) A wide fissure in a wall or the earths surface Lumbered (v.) Walked clumsily Unwavering (v.) Unchanging, loyal Dwindled (v.) Waste away Leered (v.) Glared Disdain (v.) Lack of respect and intense dislike Unabashed (v.) Not embarrassed, poised Quell (v.) To suppress or put an end to...
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