Kite Runner Vocabulary1

Kite Runner Vocabulary1 - Atone(v – To make amends for...

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Kite Runner Vocabulary #1 Reputable (adj.) – Honorable, respectable Periphery (n.) - The boundary or edge Unkempt (adj.) – Uncared for or neglected Valiant (adj.) - Brave and boldly courageous Feigned (adj.) - Faked Austere (adj.) - Severe in manner or appearance, strict Blunder (n.) - To make a serious mistake Melee (n.) - A confused fight among several people Guile (n.) – Crafty or artful Trepidation (n.) – Extreme caution due to fear
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Unformatted text preview: Atone (v.) – To make amends for wrongdoing Gales (n.) – forceful winds Chasm (n.) – A wide fissure in a wall or the earth’s surface Lumbered (v.) – Walked clumsily Unwavering (v.) – Unchanging, loyal Dwindled (v.) – Waste away Leered (v.) – Glared Disdain (v.) – Lack of respect and intense dislike Unabashed (v.) – Not embarrassed, poised Quell (v.) – To suppress or put an end to...
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