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Kite Runner Reading Schedule

Kite Runner Reading Schedule - • 5/2 Chapters 21-22(pgs...

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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini Unit Overview We will be reading The Kite Runner over the next month. Your major focus is to keep up with the reading. It is important that you have done the reading each day BEFORE you get to class so we can discuss the chapters. I am giving you a reading schedule and you will have several quizzes to make sure that you are reading. READING SCHEDULE: 4/4 Chapters 1-3 (pgs. 1-23) 4/7 Chapters 4-6 (pgs. 25-58) 4/11 Chapters 7-8 (pgs. 59-100) 4/15 Chapters 9-11 (pgs. 101-142) 4/19 Chapters 12-13 (pgs. 143-190) 4/22 Chapters 14-17 (pgs. 190-223) 4/26 Chapters 18-20 (pgs. 224-258)
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Unformatted text preview: • 5/2 Chapters 21-22 (pgs. 259-292) • 5/6 Chapters 23-24 (pgs. 293-343) • 5/10 Chapter 25 (pgs. 344-371) Finish the book! Quizzes: You will have 10 quizzes about the novel. If you read, you should be able to do well on these. Socratic Seminars: We will have whole class discussions on the ideas in the text. You will be graded on your preparation and your in-class answers. Vocabulary: We will generate and be tested on vocabulary words from this novel. Compare/Contrast Essay: We will be writing a major essay. Details to follow. There will be other assignments as we finish out this year....
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