Kite Runner Vocabulary2

Kite Runner Vocabulary2 - Reverberate (v.) To echo back or...

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Kite Runner Vocabulary #2 Encapsulate (v.) – To enclose as if in a capsule Intertwine (v.) – Spin, wind or twist together, to become joined Alleviate (v.) – To make easier to endure, to relieve Permeate (v) – To pass into or through, to penetrate Pungent (adj.) – Sharply affecting the organs of taste or smell Vigil (n.) – A watch or period of watchful attention Query (v.) – Question, inquiry Demeanor (n.) – Conduct or behavior Chastise (v.) – To punish or rebuke Frenzy (n.) – Extreme mental agitation
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Unformatted text preview: Reverberate (v.) To echo back or be reflected Malady (n.) Any disease or disorder Terse (adj.) Concise, short, rude Ambivalent (adj.) Uncertainty or fluctuation Nonchalant (adj.) Coolly unconcerned, indifferent, casual Avert (v.) To turn away or turn aside Sparse (adj.) thinly scattered or distributed Unrequited (adj.) Not returned or repaid Dilapidated (adj.) To fall into a state of disrepair Ruminate (v.) To ponder or meditate; think about over and over...
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