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Kite Runner Vocabulary2

Kite Runner Vocabulary2 - Reverberate(v – To echo back or...

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Kite Runner Vocabulary #2 Encapsulate (v.) – To enclose as if in a capsule Intertwine (v.) – Spin, wind or twist together, to become joined Alleviate (v.) – To make easier to endure, to relieve Permeate (v) – To pass into or through, to penetrate Pungent (adj.) – Sharply affecting the organs of taste or smell Vigil (n.) – A watch or period of watchful attention Query (v.) – Question, inquiry Demeanor (n.) – Conduct or behavior Chastise (v.) – To punish or rebuke Frenzy (n.) – Extreme mental agitation
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Unformatted text preview: Reverberate (v.) – To echo back or be reflected Malady (n.) – Any disease or disorder Terse (adj.) – Concise, short, rude Ambivalent (adj.) – Uncertainty or fluctuation Nonchalant (adj.) – Coolly unconcerned, indifferent, casual Avert (v.) – To turn away or turn aside Sparse (adj.) – thinly scattered or distributed Unrequited (adj.) – Not returned or repaid Dilapidated (adj.) – To fall into a state of disrepair Ruminate (v.) – To ponder or meditate; think about over and over...
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