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Kite Runner Free Write Rape - what do you think he should...

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Kite Runner – Free Write In an interview, Khaled Hosseini says that the rape of Hassan was an allegory for the rape of his native country, Afghanistan. He says that the U.S. and the International community should have assisted Afghanistan in its time of need, but instead they stood by, just as Amir did, while the rape occurred. Choose one of the following two questions and write a one page paper explaining your position. Be prepared to share your viewpoint in a class discussion. A. Rape of Hassan Should Amir have intervened, even as a 12 year old boy, when Hassan was being raped and
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Unformatted text preview: what do you think he should have done. If you think he did the right thing as a bystander, state why you believe this. OR B. Rape of Afghanistan Should the U.S. or the International community have intervened in what was happening in Afghanistan, especially when the Taliban took over and oppressed so many people? What should they have done? If they shouldnt have gotten involved, why do you think they shouldnt have done anything?...
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