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Character Analysis 5-Paragraph Essay Rubric CATEGORY Advanced Proficient Partially Proficient Needs Work Organization Introduction starts with an engaging hook , provides enough background information on the character to frame your argument, and ends with a clearly defined thesis statement . Introduction starts with an attempt at a hook , provides some context for your character, and ends with a thesis statement . Introduction includes your thesis statement , but may be too short , not providing enough background information on your character. Or, it may not be organized correctly , making it hard to find your thesis. Introduction does not provide any context for your character , and/or it does not include a thesis statement . It may include information that is not focused on your character analysis, or be much too short . Body has at least 3 body paragraphs with topic sentences, transition sentences, quotes and analysis. All are clearly organized. Body has 3 body paragraphs with quotes and analysis. Each has an attempt at a topic sentence and transition sentence. Topic sentences, transitions, and/or the connections between your quotes and analysis may need some work . Body has 3 body paragraphs , but the quotes and analysis in them are confusing or not connected. You may be missing topic sentences , transition sentences, or the paragraphs may be too short to explain your ideas well. Body
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Char_Anal_Five_Par_Rubric - Cha racter Analysis 5-Paragraph...

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