Agenda and SS3 Questions

Agenda and SS3 Questions - TODAY'S AGENDA HW = NONE Tuesday...

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Unformatted text preview: TODAY'S AGENDA: HW = NONE! Tuesday, September 21 OMAM Socratic Seminar #3: End of Book Due Next Class (Block Day): Supply Check Highlighters Grading Pens Binder w/ dividers labeled Blank paper in back AND notes in note section Shake Test: all papers clipped into binder sections Due Friday, 9/24: Quickwrite Notebooks Socratic Seminar #3 Questions What are your character's most important traits? How is your character viewed by others in the book? What dream does your character have? What fears does he/she have? What does your character do during Socratic Seminar #3 Questions chapter 5 & 6? What does this show about him/her? Do you think he/she acts in an honorable or dishonorable way? Why does George shoot Lennie himself? Is this action justifiable or can it only be condemned? ...
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