weber syllabus 10-11 - Public Speaking Course Syllabus...

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Public Speaking Course Syllabus Instructor : Mr. Weber Room #: 853 Office: 849 (go thru 848) Plan Periods: Email: [email protected] Phone: 720-561-3167 Course Description Public Speaking allows students to develop skills in preparation, organization, presentation, and evaluation of speeches. Students practice and deliver prepared, extemporaneous, and impromptu speeches with the goals to inform, persuade, and entertain their audience. This class will emphasize thinking critically, participating, working both together and solo, writing, and speaking. The nature of this course also demands the total involvement of the class. Participation in discussions, maturity, respect, and courtesy toward other students, and a willingness to explore and share ideas are critical aspects of this course. This classroom will be an environment where each student can succeed and feel comfortable. Course Objectives 1. Refine basic speaking and diction skills, and apply basic reading and writing skills to specialized purposes. 2. Select and research topics suitable for the speaker, occasion, and audience. 3. Analyze, interpret, and evaluate information for literary quality. 4. Organize ideas and supporting materials consistent with effective public communication. 5. Enhance one's own public speaking abilities. 6. Understand the function of public speaking in society. 7. Become a critical consumer of public communication. 8.
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weber syllabus 10-11 - Public Speaking Course Syllabus...

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