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Letters to an Editor Letters to a Politician Extra Credit Writing Assignment: You must submit a copy with an addressed envelope to me. Remember, you may choose almost any issue that you care about and for which you would like change. See me for approval of your topic. Tips for Getting Your Letter Noticed or Published Letters to the Editor (LTE’s) and letters to politicians are a great way to incite change, to raise awareness in your community and to press newspapers to increase their coverage of the issue you care about. The main thing is that the letters make readers stop and think about what’s happening in the world and hopefully prompt them to get involved. Below are some basic writing tips for LTE’s, followed by some sample letters. Though we have provided templates and sample LTE’s, your ability to tie a letter to a community issue or story previously covered by the paper will be the most critical factor in trying to have the letter printed. Basic letter writing tips: Keep it brief and focused. Most papers have hard limits for word count, most often in the 150-200 word range. Ideally, letters should reference a recent article, column or editorial in the paper you are submitting to. Make sure to include the headline, author and date to make life easier for the letters page editor. Focus on making
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Letter_writing_extra_credit - Letters to an Editor Letters...

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