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Final_speech_Persuasion_Example - Persuasive ~ School...

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Persuasive ~ School Lunches Imagine sitting down to a nice meal of butter or satisfying your hunger with a cup of salty cooking grease. What? These images don’t cause your mouth to water? They don’t make you want to dash over to the cafeteria for a quick snack? Yet, most of us have eaten a school lunch at one point in our lives. Lunches consisting of high fat, butter, grease, sodium and little to no nutritional value. Today I will look at the problem of these lunches lacking in nutritional value, as well as some solutions. Because you are almost out of high school and know what foods are healthy and those foods to avoid, you may think this problem doesn’t affect you. However, if action isn’t taken to improve school lunches, the health of our younger friends and future children will be threatened. I feel something needs to be done because many kids and parents are unaware of how harmful these meals are. I, for one assumed I was eating fairly healthy by eating school lunches. I assumed the school knew what was best for us since that’s where we learned nutrition. I also assumed the government was monitoring what was happening in our cafeterias. During my senior year in high school I observed the cafeteria cooks as an assignment for the school paper, and I learned differently. Needless to say, I brown bagged it the rest of the year. Something must be done to protect the health of the twenty five million unsuspecting kids who eat school lunch each day. I will look at three aspects of this problem: what is being served in cafeterias and how it is being prepared, the harmful consequences linked to
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school lunches and thirdly, I will outline the present United States Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.’s) nutritional guidelines for school lunches. Problem number one is the serving of nutrition-less slop because the school lunch program offers too much fat and not enough nutrients. According to Ellen Haas, the assistant secretary in food and consumer services at the USDA, as stated in the November 1993 edition of Newsweek , “the first thing you saw in a cafeteria line was pepperoni pizzas and french fries. The second choice is a steak and cheese sandwich and french fries. The third choice is a fish sandwich and french fries, and finally the 4 th choice is a sub sandwich and french fries.” According to a 1994 USDA report, school lunches contain 85% more sodium, 50% more saturated fat and 25% more fat than what the department recommends as healthy. At the same time school aren’t serving
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Final_speech_Persuasion_Example - Persuasive ~ School...

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