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Persuasion Speech Assignment Time requirements: 5-7 minutes My speech date is :________________________ Specific purpose: after hearing my speech my audience will be convinced to____________________ Requirements: I. Present views on a controversial subject A. Of current public concern B. In a well-reasoned and relatively non-threatening way C. A pproval from teacher is required II. Your own knowledge is welcome but you must include: A. A t least four outside sources in your speech. i. Sources must be verbally cited in the body of your speech (I f I didn’t hear them you didn’t use them !) ii. Sources must be from journals, books, periodicals, or the internet. If you are unsure of the credibility of your sources consult me.(You may only use two internet sources .) III. You will be evaluated on: A. Organization B. Audience adaptation C. Persuasive arguments D. Delivery IV. You may speak from an outline or note cards V. On __________________________ you must turn in: A. One copy of your typed formal outline
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