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Weber The Demonstration Speech * A demonstration speech is still an informative speech because you are teaching the audience something; this however, is a “how-to” speech. You are successful if your audience can now do what you taught them. Students often choose to show how to make some kind of food product (7-layer dip, stir fry, the perfect pie, etc.), demonstrate a craft (making a scrapbook, quilting, origami etc.), or explain a sport or some aspect of a sport (how to perform the perfect jump-shot, mogul run, etc.). Do not try to get away with what I call a “Mac & Cheese” speech where you read directions off a box and claim you are teaching us something. I. Purpose of this assignment A. To give you practice speaking in a public situation B. To give you practice preparing for a speech C. II. Criteria that must be met in this assignment A. You are expected to present on your assigned day . If you do not, you will lose one full letter grade for each day late you speak. B. You must have an introduction (all parts: attention getter, reason to listen, credibility and thesis statement). 1. What gimmick would work well with this demonstration? 2.
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demonstration_speech_assignment - Weber The Demonstration...

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