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Demonstration Speech Notes

Demonstration Speech Notes - something that DOES NOT make...

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Demonstration Speech Notes (D.S.) A D.S. is a type of informative speech. The goal with any D.S. is to TEACH your audience about a topic. In most cases, you will be teaching your audience a PROCESS that will allow them to complete a TASK . A PROCESS is a related series of events that leads to a specific result or product. A D.S. has a built-in visual aid-the demonstration of the topic itself. D.S. are also known as “how-to” speeches. They teach the listeners “how-to” do something. TIPS TO REMEMBER!!! 1. You must choose a topic that is free of JARGON and EASY for ALL of your audience members to understand. 2. DO NOT choose a topic that is too complex, like creating a computer program. Your audience will quickly become disinterested in your speech. 3. DO NOT choose a topic that is too simple, like making a peanut butter and
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jelly sandwich. Your audience will also disconnect from what you are saying. 4. You need to teach the audience
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Unformatted text preview: something that DOES NOT make them disconnect from your speech. What are some good D.S. topics? Write a few (3) down. How do I choose a topic? Think about what special skills you have or what activities you are involved in that might be of interest to others. This might be hard for us to do. Why? What makes a good D.S.? Those that are CONDUCIVE to audience participation. ( gets the audience involved) If you have the supplies, or the ability to provide supplies, a great speech project is to teach a craft that ALL the audience members can do along with you as you are demonstrating. Why do you think this is so? Some ideas for a good D.S. Play an instrument Take care of a pet Fix an appliance Clean a camera Pot and care for a plant Build a bookshelf or other project Prepare your favorite recipe Play a game Line dance Tune a guitar Create a scrapbook Tie dye a shirt How is a cooking show like a demonstration speech?...
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Demonstration Speech Notes - something that DOES NOT make...

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