Ch1-2 Quiz questions - Group A: Members-Ana, Nick, Jai ,...

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Group A: Members—Ana, Nick, Jai , Clara , Reah and Jordan Matching: 1. A form of communication where people ask/ answer question 2. A return message 3. All messages are transmitted through this 4. Process of sharing information through symbols to send/receive messages 5. Word symbols 6. Consist of ideas and the idea that makes up the content of communication 7. Communication between two or more people 8. Gestures, facial expressions and body language symbols 9. Casual un-structured situations 10. Situations prepared for ahead of time a) Communication b) Interpersonal Communication c) Message d) Feedback e) Verbal Symbols f) Non-verbal symbols g) Channels h) Informal Settings i) Formal Settings j) Interview Short Answer 1. What is the difference between informal and formal situations, and how do you prepare for each? Give an example of each. 2. What do you think are the best channels for delivering messages are? Why?
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3. How may you prepare for a interview or group discussion, to enhance your communication skills? Group B: Members— Nick Rich Hilary Savi Nick Quiz: Q1) You are speaking to two audiences today. One consists if prison inmates the other of high school poetry students. Your topic is the right of “Right to Bear Arms”. How would you word your
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Ch1-2 Quiz questions - Group A: Members-Ana, Nick, Jai ,...

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