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Transcendentalism Collage/ Art Piece—Due Friday, 10/13 1. Transcendentalism features key ideas in the following three areas: 1. Role of the Individual 2. Role of Nature 3. Social Critique 2. Review your readings looking for key quotations/ideas relating to those areas. 3. Choose three key quotations that you believe BEST exemplify (express) the ideas of Transcendentalism.
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Unformatted text preview: They may be from Emerson or Thoreau. 4. Creative Response: Make a collage or brochure that conveys the meaning of your quotations. Be sure to include them in the art work. Be ready to explain your thinking on Friday in a mini-presentation. Copy of Walden excerpts, Self-Reliance and Nature (Emerson)are under Documents on my Fairview page....
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