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per 6 review part 3

per 6 review part 3 - Now he realizes it can be better and...

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Pass up your Vocab Sentences. Vocab Quiz 2 Friday Period 5 Part III (Ch 23-31) Notes p159 Huck with King and new clothes—king changes and looks better. Dress changes people —changes perception. King is deceptive—looks respectable with new clothes. P160 Steamboat—Rev Blodgett: plan to con the family out of inheritance—stating that King is brother. Gets inside info so they can pull of scam 184 “heart ache” to see con. Matured bec before he was ok with Duke and King and T Sawyer. Feels bad about slaves being split from family. Learns diff bet right and wrong. Bec he has a connection to the family and Jim—matters more to him now. 187-9 decides truth usu puts you in danger, worse than a lie.
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Unformatted text preview: Now he realizes it can be better and safer than a lie. 190 Write letter telling MJ where money is—she needs to make a plan to leave town Chap 29 Real uncles show. Handwriting test. Tattoo. Accents are terrible. Inaccurate stories. Uncles have trouble proving without luggage. End 29. Huck upset that Duke and King get away. Back on the river in the canoe. Excited to leave, upset that King and the Duke reunite. Chap 31: doctors, missionaries, fortune tellers, Royal Nonesuch, sold Jim to Phelps farm. 215 Huck wants to tell Watson but feels bad for Jim. Relieved that he writes letter. Decides to not follow an unjust law of slavery and rips up letter....
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