per 5 Huck Part 3 notes

per 5 Huck Part 3 notes - describe the tattoo Dig up grave...

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159 King—changes clothes make people look decent and religious— grand, good, pious, ark, Leviticus. Superficial/appearances can be deceiving 160 Duke and King—Peter Wilks: funeral. Pretend to be family member and want to scam the family for inheritance. Huck is ashamed. 184 Huck doesn’t like Duke and King’s actions—split up family of slaves—took inheritance. Huck is comforted by their reunion— the real Wilks will be found. Huck has changed from not wanting Jim to buy his family, to being sensitive to the slave family being split up. 188 Lie to protect yourself; telling the truth involves risk. Truth can be safer than a lie. 192 Hide money that he stole from Duke and King and only tell Mary Jane where it is. Puts it in the coffin. Worried that she won’t find the money. Outsmarts the Duke and King. 203 Tattoo is on Wilks—but not on Duke and King…real brothers
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Unformatted text preview: describe the tattoo. Dig up grave to see the tattoo. Signature was inconclusive. 206 Huck and Jim run away from Duke and King after they find the money. Huck feels free and doesn’t want to see Duke and King. Sad because he thought he was free from their corruption 210 Duke and King—temperance show, dancing, yellocution, missionary, telling fortunes, Royal Nonesuch. Sell Jim out to Phelps farm. 215 Huck wonders how to get Jim back—writes letter to Ms. Watson telling her where Jim is. Feels good about turning Jim in. Rips up note and says “all right then, I’ll go to hell.” Jim is always looking out for Huck so he should feel good about doing the right thing—he has been his friend. 220 Phelps farm: small, poor, 1 horse…sickly, bare...
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per 5 Huck Part 3 notes - describe the tattoo Dig up grave...

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