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American Literature and Composition--FHS Language Arts Modern Transcendentalist Presentation Evaluation Your name(s) ____________________________________ Person(a) _________________________________ (the modern transcendentalist) Introduction → (5) Attention getter Introduction of person Preview of main points—why is your choice transcendentalist? Body → (25) Effective transitions Points are followed by support Relevant/true/ valid evidence is used as support Relevant/true/ valid evidence is attributed Uses 3 quotes from Emerson or Thoreau Uses 3 quotes by or about the subject of your presentation Conclusion → (5) Summarize speech/re-emphasize main ideas
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Unformatted text preview: Provide closure Clincherleave the audience with something to remember about your subject and transcendentalism (15) PowerPoint: Visual appeal Use of quotes Accurate, relevant information 5-10 slides (10) Timing: _____:______ mins/secs (1pt. deduction for each 30 second increment over or under 3-5min [individual]; 5-7 min [partners]) (10) Presentation: Body Language & voice Eye contact; Posture; Volume; Rate/speed; Enthusiasm (30) Preparation: Outline(10) Typed Works Cited(10) Use of class time, research, etc(10) Speech Performance _______________________/ 70 Preparation _______________________/30 TOTAL _______________________/100...
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