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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn : Weekly Journaling Tasks Each week, you will complete a 3-part journal entry. Remember, you have every Monday and part of Block day to work on these as well. Part 1: summarize each chapter of your reading in 1-2 sentences. Part 2: include 3 quotations from that section of the reading that you think will help you in your final essay. Make sure that for each quote, you write a 2-3 sentence explanation of how it supports your paper topic. See paper topics on the opposite side of this paper. Part 3: Huck’s RAFT Pick a role, an audience, a format and a topic, then write a 1-page journal entry (please consider typing this it at all possible). Think about how your writing will demonstrate your improvement of 6 traits and how it illustrates your understanding of major themes, motifs, and characters related to your essay topic. **You must have at least two different choices for each RAFT!** Need to make up some credit? Take some extra time to type, add pictures, etc., on these RAFT assignments and receive up extra credit for presentation! See me for details on the extra credit points. R OLE A UDIENCE F ORM T OPIC Huck Miss Watson Letter The bounds of friendship Jim People in the south Newspaper Column Slavery Widow Douglas A person in the year 2010 Diary Entry Morality Miss Watson
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